Natural Herbal Products News

  • Herbal Soap Granules for Your Laundry

    Pansacola, after years of working closely with coconut farmers, teaching them how to grow organic and herb products has now ventured into manufacturing natural herbal products. “We produce natural herbal soaps made from coconut oil, insect repellants, and herbal massage oils,"
  • Filipino Products Excel at Local Trade Fair

    Businesswoman Ma. Aleli Pansacola, who is a participant in TLRC seminars, was ecstatic upon realizing that she had just won her first Filipino award. The Pasig entrepreneur owns Daila Herbal Community Enterprises, a manufacturer of Natural Herbal Soap in the Philippines, a many-time winner in product exhibitions abroad.
  • Soap makers cleanses inside and outside of Filipinos

    "What makes us different is that we adhere to our principle of being environment and health-friendly. We do not use synthetic chemicals in our natural herbal products. Daila herbal came to be to give livelihood or enterprise to communities that will cleanse the world inside and outside," she says.
  • Coconut Industry Needs Government Help

    Ma. Aleli V. Pansacola, president of the Daila Herbal Community Enterprises Inc., a manufacturer of natural herbal soap in the Philippines said that government should do remedial measures to prevent the collapse of the country's only remaining industry.
  • Daila Herbal: Soap To Heal

    Considering that coconut oil is in abundance here, Pansacola thought that it was feasible to produce our own laundry soaps using local organic products. She worked with her livelihood program, Daila Herbal Community Services, which helped source her raw materials for her discovery of natural herbal soap.
  • Daila Herbal: Award Winning Products

    Compared to leading brands in laundry detergents, the "miracle soap" is a natural herbal product manufactured in the Philippines that doesn't contain a single gram of alkyl benzene, an emulsifier that seeps through the skin and causes liver and blood disease through continued use.
  • Ma. Aleli V. Pansacola: Earth Mother Revives Herb Industry with Daila Herbal Soap

    Eighty percent of the country's essential oils were shipped out to big multinational cosmetic companies. "The benefits we could extract from herbs and oils are various and plenty" Ma. Aleli Pansacola said. Daila Herbal is now the pioneer of natural herbal products manufactured in the Philippines.
  • Owner of Daila Herbal Soap Strikes Gold with her Breakthrough Herbal Soaps

    "We started with no capital, no machines." Ma. Aleli V. Pansacola, owner of Daila Herbal Soap. In no time, she was buying soapmaking machines and started her backyard testing for the making of the first "Filipino Natural Herbal Soap."
  • Daila Herbal Soap: The Soap that Rids Body of Toxins

    Daila Herbal Soap's main ingredient, COCONUT oil has recently emerged as a health supplement of choice, according to Dr. Rommel Tinio of the Health Asia Medical Clinic in Makati. The pioneer natural herbal product in the Philippines is manufactured by Daila Herbal Community Enterprises.
  • A Filipina has Formulated a Multi-Awarded Herbal Soap in the World

    "One day, I'll make the best soaps in the world." An AB Journalism graduate of St. Theresa's College, Aleli owner of the renowned Victoria Herbal Soap Granules was interested in print and broadcast media. In 1994, Aleli brought home unimaginable awards for her natural herbal products. 
  • Westerners Turn To Victoria Herbal Soap Granules For Health Reasons

    Eye irritation, allergies, and even difficulty in blood clotting are among the health problems that are now being linked to some of the ingredients in leading laundry detergents, according to US-based researchers. Users of the natural herbal products of Victoria Herbal Soap Granules attest to its gentleness on the skin.
  • Victoria Herbal Soap Granules Helps The Body Get Rid of Toxins

    Victoria Herbal Soap Granules has been warmly accepted in the US and Europe because of the curative properties associated with coconut oil, its main ingredient. Clothes washed with Victoria Herbal Soap Granules made from natural herbal products like coconut oil will not harm the skin, says Dr. Tinio.