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Soap vs. Detergent
Soap is made of natural fat & lye. Its pH level is between 9 and 10, meaning it is alkaline. This makes it an effective cleaning agent.
Detergent is made from petroleum products. It contains many preservatives and antibacterial agents, which do not have an agreeable smell. As a result, detergents usually contain heavy perfumes to counteract the odor. 
Soaps vs. Detergent
By Jenna Foote

What is a detergent?
Detergent is a cleaning substance that acts similarly to soap but is made from chemical compounds rather than fats and lye. Composed of any various surfactants (substances that reduce surface tension) used to dislodge dirt from soiled surfaces and retain it in suspension, allowing it to rinse away. The term usually refers to synthetic substances and excludes soaps. Detergents act mainly on the oily films that trap dirt particles. 

How are natural soaps effective cleansers?
True soaps have a pH of between 9 and 10, which is alkaline on the pH scale (0=most acidic, 14=most alkaline). True soaps are effective cleansers because of their pH. Oils and dirt are removed from the surface of the skin and carried away by water. Natural Herbal soaps clean the surface and leave the other layers below alone so that skin takes care of itself. Detergents that strip oils from layers deep beneath the surface of the skin can cause the body to produce a much greater amount of natural oil to make up the difference, causing skin breakouts. Natural Herbal soaps do not trigger this reaction. For most people, improvements in 'skin feel' are noticeable after a couple of days of using natural Herbal soaps,  depending on how much damage the skin must repair first. Mass producers of detergent-based cleansers claim that the high pH is hard on the skin, but the results speak for themselves. The skin is an amazing organ, capable of repairing itself when naturally cared for. 

Soaps vs. Detergent


Victoria Soap Natural Herbal Products Philippines
Victoria Soap Natural Herbal Products Philippines

Environmental Management Plan

The management plan of Daila Herbal Community Enterprises, Inc., in order to focus on the residual management scheme on the relevant land, water, air, and people module are as follows:

Since our natural herbal products are coconut base and no chemicals are added, the water used for washing the clothes can be used for bathing our animals without harming their skin and body. Dried lather may be used to get rid of pests in the infected area. It can be used as bath soap and is not hazardous to our skin. 

Coconut-based soap washing has been proven to make the soil fertile. Our products are fully biodegradable. 


✓ No detergent or synthetic chemicals
✓ Safe for infants' clothes
✓ Fresh scent even without sun drying
✓ Fresh and clean herbal scent
 Laundry smells good even if left soaking for 24 hours
Testimony & Write-ups:

Most detergents contain hard alkyl benzene, a synthetic chemical that makes more suds but is non-biodegradable; that is, it doesn't dissolve into basic substances, and thus chokes rivers and lakes into which the wash water runs.

Jarius Bondoc
Buy Pinoy, or Bye-Bye Pinas
The Philippines Star, 04, March 2002
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Coconut oil has emerged as a health supplement of choice because it helps the body get rid of harmful substances, according to Dr. Rommel Tinio of Health Asia Medical Clinic in Makati. When it comes into contact with the skin, coconut oil is converted into sodium laureate "Which the body can deal with". It and all its accompanying benefits - are also absorbed by the skin. One particularly useful product is Victoria Herbal Soap Granules which contains no inorganic chemicals. Clothes washed in detergents containing SLS can alter the electromagnetic polarity of the skin. If the skin absorbs more electric current, it is more likely to become irritated and inflamed.

Title: Soap that rids of body toxins
Date: July 13, 2004
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I believe in the product so much and the family has been using it for almost 3 years now for the clothes of my 5.3yo son with autism, and 1.1yo daughter, that I have thought of reselling it to fellow parents who are very aware of the dangers of chemicals, and what the ill effects are to the body of our children, as well as the environment.
Kito's Korner Shop, 09 February 2010
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