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  • Westerners Turn To Victoria Herbal Soap Granules For Health Reasons

    Eye irritation, allergies, and even difficulty in blood clotting are among the health problems that are now being linked to some of the ingredients in leading laundry detergents, according to US-based researchers. Users of the natural herbal products of Victoria Herbal Soap Granules attest to its gentleness on the skin.
  • Victoria Herbal Soap Granules Helps The Body Get Rid of Toxins

    Victoria Herbal Soap Granules has been warmly accepted in the US and Europe because of the curative properties associated with coconut oil, its main ingredient. Clothes washed with Victoria Herbal Soap Granules made from natural herbal products like coconut oil will not harm the skin, says Dr. Tinio.
  • Victoria Herbal Soap Granules: Aleli's Winning Formula

    Aleli Pansacola has hit upon a winning formula with Victoria Herbal Soap Granules and she wants others to know about it: a locally produced natural herbal product that is 100% biodegradable. 
  • Making Award Winning Natural Herbal Beauty Product

    “I did not plan to be a soap maker”, opens up dynamic entrepreneur Aleli Villamor Pansacola, she is the founder president of Daila Herbal Community Enterprises Inc. recognized for producing hair cosmetics and natural herbal products made from natural herbal ingredients.