Daila Herbal Soap: The Soap that Rids Body of Toxins

Daila Herbal Soap's main ingredient, COCONUT oil has recently emerged as a health supplement of choice because it helps the body get rid of harmful substances, according to Dr. Rommel Tinio of the Health Asia Medical Clinic in Makati. 

A proponent of Integrative Medicine or the combination of both Western and alternative medicine, Tinio explains that when taken orally, coconut oil contains both lauric and capric acid which has antibiotic, antibacterial, antiviral, and antiprotozoal elements.

When it comes into contact with the skin, coconut oil is converted into sodium laureate "which the body can deal with," says Tinio. It does not clog up the pores, unlike petroleum-based mineral oil. In addition, the lauric and capric acids in coconut oil and all their accompanying benefits are also absorbed by the skin. The said properties and benefits are also present in Daila's natural herbal products.

Unfortunately, Filipinos have yet to make full use of coconut oil and its many byproducts despite its abundance in their midst. One particularly useful product is Daila Herbal Soap, which contains no inorganic chemicals. The pioneer natural herbal product in the Philippines manufactured by Daila Herbal Community Enterprises, the soap has been warmly accepted in the US and Europe because of the curative properties associated with coconut oil, its main ingredient.

Clothes washed with Daila herbal soaps made from natural herbal products like coconut oil will not harm the skin, says Tinio. In fact, he advocates its use together with exercise and a diet that uses as few chemicals as possible. Decreasing our overall intake of chemicals through what we eat, breathe and allow to come in contact with our skin is a great antidote to many chronic ailments, including hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, ovarian problems, and heart diseases.

Many detergents used to supposedly clean clothes contain harmful toxins such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), the synthetic form of lauric acid used as a wetting agent that produces bubbles in detergents. It is the same ingredient used in making car and garage floor cleaners and engine degreasers.

Clothes, especially synthetic fiber, washed in detergents containing SLS can alter the electromagnetic polarity of the skin either by repelling, changing, or absorbing electric currents. If the skin absorbs more electric current, it is more likely to become irritated and inflamed, warns Dr. Tinio.

Victoria Herbal Soap Granules bagged the Grandprix as the best foreign invention in the 5th East-West Euro Intellectual Exhibition of Invention in Bulgaria in 1997, a Special Award of Recognition at the 2nd Morocco World Exhibition of Invention in 1998, the Silver-Gild Medal Award at the 24th Salon International des Invention in Switzerland in 1996 and the Gold Medal at the Salon Mondial de l'Invention et de I’Innovation in Morocco in 1997.


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* This article was published in a local newspaper "The Philippine Star" last July 13, 2004